• High end products, professionally trained photographers – affordable prices
  • Less retakes, less disruption to school day


  • Quick and efficient turn around time on all photography packages
  • Award winning customer service



  • 20+ years experience
  • Recommended by many top administrators as well as parents


Day of Photography

  • Multiple camera set ups, cashiers and assistants
  • Highly organized, computerized system
  • Spring photography program – “All About You!”


We offer:

Undergraduate Level:

  • Highly competitive package pricing structure, customized for each school
  • Add-ons to suit each school level (elementary, middle, jr. high and high school)
  • Fall and Spring photos, including our highly unique spring program
  • Password protected online ordering system that allows for school delivery or mail delivery of pictures. Also allows for credit cards to be used.
  • Three options for completely customized school yearbooks: 1.) 100% school-designed; 2.) 100% company-designed; 3.) Mixed design by both company and school. We work with the yearbook coordinator to produce the best yearbook for each school. Software is provided free of charge and we can provide training for the software. Covers can be customized and student names can be imprinted on the front cover.
  • Free picture packages for each staff member. Staff members can also decide to “donate” their free package to a student they feel could not otherwise afford pictures.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee



  • Multiple days set aside at the high school for “yearbook only” photographs
  • Free yearbook photo provided to the high school for every senior
  • Brand new beautifully-appointed studio for senior photography located in Berea
  • Yearbook deadline guarantee for headshots
  • Coverage of Freshman, JV, and Varsity sporting events
  • 2 free team prints will be given to each team for the coaches
  • Photography of dances and proms. Picture packages can be sold and a rebate offered to the school.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Extras, Optional Service Items & Add-ons:

  • School photography visits. Photographers available 7 days a week.
  • Hi-res CDs of all events covered will be given to the schools for any use they choose
  • Sticker prints for each school, sorted however the school desires
  • As many administrative CDs as each school needs of all students photographed
  • School Display Prints
  • Class Composites
  • “Keep Me Safe” ID cards for students
  • School fundraising support through donations from our company
  • Student Mug Books
  • Rolodex cards
  • Whole school photo or composite
  • Yearbook Group and Candid Day photography for each school
  • Free yearbook design software and/or training
  • Personalized pre-pay envelopes and posters for schools to promote picture days
  • Beautifully, custom-designed Memory Mate borders for each school